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SAM Mishloah Manot

  • Posted by Sephardic Academy 30 Jan

SAM Mishloah Manot

This year we have expanded our selection of Mishloah Manot with three amazing baskets: a London Tea theme, an Italian theme, and a Kids theme. Thank you to those who have helped to sponsor the mishloah manot this year. We have a few sponsorship opportunities still available. Sponsors will be recognized on the Purim Baskets.

London Tea Themed Basket
Duchess Sponsor: $50
Prince Sponsor: $200
Queen Sponsor: $350

Kids Themed Basket
Bronze Sponsor: $75
Silver Sponsor: $150
Gold Sponsor: $275
Platinum Sponsor: $ 400

Italian Themed Basket
Antipasti Sponsor: $200
Primi Piatti Sponsor: $500
Secondi Piatti Sponsor: $800

If you would like to sponsor an item in our Mishloah Manot baskets please contact us!

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