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Elementary School

The Elementary School

Our elementary program at is a natural extension of the early childhood experience. Children learn in an environment that is joyful and loving, and that promotes their growth, confidence, and independence. We combine Jewish faith, knowledge and practice with rigorous achievement in universal studies. Influenced by Sephardic traditional principles, students develop into ethical and moral young people with strong values and good character, poised for success in the modern world.

We employ a child-centered approach to education, where each student is given the tools they need to reach their full potentials. Progress across subject areas is assessed and instruction is individualized to ensure that all students advance at an appropriate pace.

Our talented faculty designs learning experiences to delight and challenge students both inside and outside of the classroom. Manhattan is our laboratory, providing a great variety of cultural experiences to help our students learn about themselves, their communities, and the world. Classes investigate authentic questions and work to resolve them together. In doing so, students learn how to conduct research, collaborate, think creatively, and communicate effectively.

We invite you to contact us for a tour of our Kindergarten or to learn more about our program!