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Our youngest children

Our youngest children are learning about who they are and where they fit in this world. The school year begins with a gentle separation process, as children learn to place trust in their new environment and morot. At this age, children are developing rapidly in all domains.

We support language development through music and play as we introduce children to new vocabulary and help them to express their needs, thoughts and feelings.
Toddlers love moving their bodies and we give them plenty of opportunities to do so. Whether using the tumbling mats in our indoor play space, practicing yoga positions, or participating in classroom games, our toddlers are busy developing their gross motor skills.

One of the most exciting parts of beginning school is the opportunity to meet and play with other children. While young children begin playing in a solitary way, they soon move on to parallel play and, with the facilitation of our staff, begin interacting with peers in a more sophisticated way.

All of our students, including the toddlers, are learning about our heritage through hands-on and interactive experiences. It is our goal that the toddlers begin to love the rituals and customs and develop a life-long connection to Judaism.