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A natural thirst and joy for learning

The children in our Pre-K have a natural thirst and joy for learning. They are beginning to figure out just how to go about getting answers to their many questions. The Pre-K class is able to delve more deeply into curriculum, as they explore what is interesting and meaningful to them.

At this age, children are beginning to understand the symbolic connection between letters and sounds and morot encourage children to notice the environmental print around them. They are solidifying their pre-literacy foundation by looking at and listening to books, as well as dictating their own stories.

Just like all students, Pre-K children learn predominantly through play. As they play with manipulatives, blocks, puzzles and games, they are learning math, literacy and problem-solving skills. Pre-K students are encouraged to think scientifically, as they observe and make sense of the world around them.

Creative development continues to be an important goal for children at this age. We encourage children to approach art in their own unique ways so that all children can express their individual styles.

Pre-K students learn more nuances of social interactions and are encouraged to negotiate any social conflict that may arise. Morot guide the children as they begin to master these skills.

As Pre-K students move away from egocentrism, toward a more empathetic stance, we encourage them to think about the feelings of other people. We continue to model kind and thoughtful behavior so that they can grow to a state of sophisticated moral reasoning.

Our traditions continue to be a central part of the Pre-K experience, as children relate to holidays and rituals on a deeper level. Our hope is that they take these early
positive experiences with them toward a lifetime of Jewish connection.