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A very special age

Our nursery students are at a very special age, where they are beginning to make connections to the world around them. This year is all about exploring the
environment and getting a better understanding of the physical world. We continue to approach nursery students in an age-appropriate manner, helping them to
continue their development across domains.

Physical development continues, with more focus on fine-motor growth. Children engage in a variety of sensory activities that set the stage for proper grip and
writing techniques. We also play close attention to gross-motor development, as children have both structured and unstructured opportunities to use their large muscle systems while climbing, biking, running and jumping.

Nursery students begin making connections between the themes in our curriculum and their own lives. As they learn perasha stories, they begin to think about similar experiences they may have had. We present this material in an accessible way, broaching meaningful topics such as family, traditions and hesed.

Morot help children notice and make predictions about the world around them. The children are learning scientific reasoning as they observe, question and hypothesize. Pre-literacy skills are emerging, as children begin to recognize their names and the names of their friends and classmates.

During the Nursery years, children are forming stronger social relationships and are learning problem-solving and negotiating skills. We encourage them to use
their imaginations as they play out their thoughts and feelings in the dramatic play center.

Just like our other students, the nursery children, are learning about our heritage through hands-on and interactive experiences. It is our hope that they continue
to build connections to our rituals and customs, as they develop a life-long love of Judaism.