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Early Childhood Program

A Preschool Second to None

At the Sephardic Academy of Manhattan, we believe in educating the whole child and offering them a warm and nurturing, environment in which to thrive in their early, formative years. To that end, we have designed a magnificent preschool that is second to none in its quality of education, outstanding and experienced preschool faculty, and child-friendly atmosphere.  It is a center of learning, excitement and enjoyment, and embraces the beauty of Sephardic Judaism.

Educationally Inviting Classrooms

Our classes are all set up with ample space to give the children the opportunity to explore, experiment and learn in a developmentally, age- appropriate way. We use a multi-sensory approach utilizing the latest educational materials, manipulatives and games to promote learning. We educate children in small groups, tapping into each child’s learning style. The classrooms are arranged in areas dedicated to different activities such as art, science, drama, literacy etc. to facilitate hands-on learning.

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Engaging Your Children

Children, from a very early age are curious, active and eager to learn. We encourage them to be active learners who are excited about the world around them and eager to explore it. We are committed to engaging each child’s curiosity, emphasizing their strengths and facilitating them in the areas that need reinforcement. We help your children to develop a web of knowledge and aim to instill in them a life‐long love for learning. We encourage them and guide them to develop their social skills, self esteem, problem solving skills and risk taking, while we prepare them for their next level of education. Each child in our program is unique to us and we approach each student with his or her unique personality and learning style in mind.

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At S.A.M., we have developed an exciting Early Childhood curriculum that inspires, enriches and excites your children, using the latest, progressive, educational methods.

We integrate the history, culture, and traditions of Sephardic Judaism, with a broad spectrum of educational concepts including science, math, social studies, literacy, and the arts. We aim to instill a love of Eress Yisrael with an emphasis on Torah and Hebrew language. Each class has a native Hebrew speaker conversing with children and exposing them to a rich Hebrew vocabulary. Our mission is to provide a rich and joyous learning environment that will stimulate our children’s minds, enrich their souls, and embrace the wonder and beauty of our heritage.

We emphasize midot and character development in every aspect of our curriculum and use proprietary, cutting edge programming that helps children learn how to develop their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. In addition, every aspect of the curriculum will incorporate the wonders of Hashem’s (G-d’s) creations and the joys of

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Parent Participation Welcome

We believe that school should be an extension of your home. Children are given a multitude of opportunities to sharre their work and discoveries with their families. We in turn, invite parents to be active participants in the development of our program. We welcome you to observe and be involved in helping us give your children an outstanding preschool experience.

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